Life without your Blackberry

It’s been amazing to watch recently as people have struggled to come to terms with the loss of coverage on their Blackberry’s. No internet to surf, no emails to catch up on and no BBM to idly chat with people you hardly know; Blackberry owners the world over have been getting to grips with what life was like before they became addicted.

As someone who has seen first-hand just how addictive these little devices can be it’s no surprise to see the outrage around the globe about the failure of RIM to keep up its normal levels of service, but noticeable in all the furore has been a lack of demands for compensation. Sure people have threatened to move to iPhone but that’s a little like a heroin addict switching to cocaine. The main gripes have come from people unable to get their ‘fix’ and being forced to look up for the first time in weeks and actually interact with the outside world.

And we’re still here – all the rest of us who inhabit this world, and it’s nice of you to notice us again! We’ve kind of got used to you wandering round with your head down over the device tapping furiously at the keys and muttering to yourself. We’re too polite to mention it but we have always thought that to be a little rude. So now you’ve got to look up and talk to us please try and remember that we’ve missed you and we’re actually glad to have you back.

And when normal service is resumed is there any chance that you can schedule some time when you don’t have that thing glued to you, that you can spend talking to us? We’d love to show you the wonders of the world and trust me; it takes more than 144 characters to do that….