Nothing says ‘Welcome back to work’ quite like an inbox full of spam. Having just spent an hour wading through the muck looking for anything that might be of interest I was quite looking forward to getting my teeth into some of the more important tasks that need doing. Imagine my reaction then when having […]

Every day we get spam in the inbox; it’s a sad fact of life. If it were paper based junk mail then by now it would have stopped as we would have identified the originator and complained to the proper authorities. . But the internet has put a stop to that. Today email arrives unannounced […]

Seriously, you couldn’t make this up. I know that even Google gets these every day but come on chaps, give us a break! . In today’s inbox is a lovely email from India which starts; . Hello & Good Day! . My name is Rxxxx Rxxxxxx, Marketing Manager for an international marketing company based in […]