I thought it would be an interesting exercise to write a piece about how kids use social media as it’s very much in the news at the moment. Barely a day goes by without some headline berating Facebook, Twitter or another online platform for not doing enough to protect kids. The following, therefore, was written […]

Following on from our last post about the importance of sharing on social, we’re using this post to prove a point. There’s no real content or anything of substance here. There’s nothing about SEO, digital marketing, social media, Google strategy or anything which might merit a mention. but we’ve got a great picture of Caroline […]

New research from the University of Cambridge has shown that you may be revealing more than you think simply through your Facebook ‘likes’ – and the trouble is, even with the highest privacy settings they can still be visible! The research studied the ‘like’ patterns of 58,000 volunteers and was able to reveal to a […]

Lots has been written about privacy settings on Facebook and every now and again you see a spate of people sending round public messages telling Facebook and their associates that they do not have permission to use personal data. Sadly however this does nothing to prevent them doing it as by using the platform you […]