I was struck recently by a very interesting ‘Whiteboard Friday’ by the admirable Rand Fishkin over at Moz.com entitled “How to Get Content into the Hands of Influencers Who Can Help Amplify It – Whiteboard Friday” . Now I’m a big fan of Rand and the folks over at Moz who are determined to do […]

We are excited to announce the new arrival of Sales Director, Emma Guy into Aqueous Towers. With 25 years of sales, advertising and marketing experience under her belt, Emma is the perfect person to manage the in-house team, as well as being involved in customer growth and retention. She was the Senior Sales Manager at […]

SEO | Marketing Mix | Marketing Strategy One of the questions we are frequently asked is ‘Where should SEO fit within my Marketing mix’? It’s a good question as it provides half of the answer within the question as most firms we speak to simply don’t have a Marketing Mix and even fewer still any […]