It’s still astonishes me how people will prey on the unknowing and use a small piece of misinformation to gouge open a huge opportunity for sales. This week we received this email in our inbox; nothing unusual in that as we get hundreds of emails a day, many unsolicited, offering us all sort of weird […]

Virtually every day we hear another story of a website that has been suddenly hit by Google and thrown out of the index, or demoted from their previously stable position on page one to page three or below. Sometimes the tale is one of slow decline but on occasions it happens overnight; you wake up […]

Over recent weeks we have seen an acceleration of the trends which people have been reporting since the middle of 2012, where the value of links to a site are changing dramatically. . Google seems to have decided that by using multiple algorithms at the same time to help determine the correct order in which […]

A great story surfaced on Friday highlighting just why Google’s current approach to policing backlinks is so wrong. The story in Search Engine Land brought to light the fact that the BBC had been sent an ‘unnatural links’ notification, similar to the one no doubt experienced by Interflora a couple of weeks back. . Majestic […]