With Bing usage reportedly gaining traction, we take a look at how popular Microsoft’s search engine really is, how they’re winning more users and what they’ve got in store for the future. Although Microsoft’s Bing only holds 9% of the worldwide search market share, it appears to be quickly gaining traction in the US and […]

With the act of searching online now more often than not, being referred to as ‘googling’, it’s difficult to imagine a time when this search engine giant wasn’t ruling the internet.  Google really cemented their reign over online search in recent years when their name became a commonly used verb for searching for something online, […]

Well, it’s official, if you are looking for unfiltered search results then Google is most definitely NOT the place to go. Following on from our post last week on Google’s censorship of image search results  we decided to do some more checking and it seems that the change, made in the USA last year, has […]