Search Engine Optimisation

With Search Engine Optimisation it’s simple.  Get onto page one of Google.  Anywhere else just won’t do.

Without Search Engine Optimisation it’s unlikely that your website will be seen for the phrases that really deliver the money.

Our approach is simple – find the best search terms for your business and optimise your website for those searches.  This means clear targeting, creating great landing pages with excellent visual appeal and providing compelling copy with calls to action.  After all, there’s no point driving customers to your site if they can’t then buy from you.

We will find ways to get your website ranking for those keywords that really matter to you, and more importantly, deliver business.  Customers need to arrive on your site wanting to buy from you – we can do this.

Of course, we will make sure that you rank on Yahoo, Bing and a range of other Search Engines but as Google controls the search market in the UK our focus is always to help you rank on Google as a priority.

Why choose Aqueous SEO?

Simple really,

Aqueous get more businesses onto page one of Google within one year and holds them there.

It’s as simple as that really. We know we can get you to page one of Google for the search term you want and we can help you hold that position.

Naturally, this is a lot easier if you want to rank for Pink Polka Dot Seat Covers in Heckmondwike than Solicitors in Manchester and as you would expect, the rates for these two jobs will be very different. But if you have the budget we have the commitment to get you ranking.

So start the process of driving more paying customers to your site today by calling us free on 0800 285 1424 and let us help you.





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