Link Removal

If you’ve engaged in any link building in the past five years there is a chance that your backlink profile contains links that you’d rather not see there. What’s more, links that were built years ago could only now be coming to the surface and being recognised by search engines.

Unless you have never bought a link or engaged an agency to do this for you then the chances are your backlink profile contains links that could be harming your site.

The internet is awash with terrible links and Google takes a dim view of them.

These bad backlinks are probably killing your site. Google’s algorithm recognises bad backlinks and these links count against you when it comes to ranking in search.

The advice to remove links comes from none other than Matt Cutts who heads up Google’s webspam team. You can watch his videos below but here’s the crux of what he says, transcribed from the video;

… “As Google has gotten better and better at assessing backlinks, there are some people who more or less want to clean up their backlinks. Maybe you’ve been doing paid links, or someone on your behalf has. You might have been doing blog spam, comment spam, forum spam, guest book spam, you-name-it link spam. Maybe you paid somebody to write some low-quality articles and syndicate those all over the place with some very keyword rich anchor text. And maybe Google sent you a message that says, ‘We have seen unnatural links to your site’ or ‘We have taken targeted action to some unnatural links to your site.’ And as a result, you want to clean up those backlinks.


Well, first and foremost, the main thing that we recommend is getting those links actually removed from the web. If a random person looks up links to your site, you don’t want to see a bunch of spammy links. It’s good to clean up for other purposes. You don’t want them to jump to conclusions. It’s also good so that other search engines won’t see spammy links to your site as well. We do recommend that you write to people, try to get the link taken down, and basically get as many of those links as possible.


Now, at the same time, we realize that sometimes, it’s not possible to get in contact with everybody. So at the point where you have written to as many people as you can multiple times, you’ve really tried hard to get in touch, and you’ve only been able to get some certain fraction of those links down, and there’s still a small fraction of links left, that’s where you can use our new tool, called the disavow links tool”…


… “The other thing that we see is sometimes people think that disavow is the ‘be all end all’, the panacea that’s going to cure all their ills. Yet we do want, if you’ve been doing some bad seo and you’re trying to cure it, in an ideal world you would actually clean up as many links as you can off the actual web. That’s just a really helpful way for us to see, when you’re doing a reconsideration request, that you’re putting in the effort to try to make sure that things have been corrected, cleaned up, and not going to happen again”…

So Matt’s advice is “try to get the link taken down” and put in the “effort to try to make sure that things have been corrected, cleaned up, and not going to happen again”.

You can’t simply ignore it. There is no Court of Appeal here, if Google penalises your site you will never rank unless you can demonstrate you have made the effort to clean the mess up.

What we do

Put simply, we remove the links that you would rather not see in your backlink profile. We get rid of the links that are currently killing your website.

We’re different to a lot of the other companies out there in that our efforts are manual. True this means it’s a lot of work and very labour intensive but unlike the tools out there that claim to do the job (and we’ve tried most of them) you simply can’t beat the understanding of a seasoned SEO professional to ascertain which links are harming your site and need removing.

Why automated tools simply don’t do the job.

There are a lot of automated tools out there that do an excellent job of picking off the easy links to remove, but the really hard to get links simply remain stubbornly on your profile. Those with no obvious contact details, or webmasters that simply won’t respond to a request to remove a link are still a problem long after the easy links have been removed.

We go further. By manually removing links we clear up more than any automated service ever will and as your clean-up is done by humans we can use old fashioned methods, like picking up the phone and speaking to website owners.

Why choose Aqueous Link removal?

Put simply we’re here to help you. We have many years of SEO experience and across the team we understand what makes a good and a bad link.

Over the years we’ve worked with clients who have arrived with awful backlink profiles full of some of the worst spam on the internet, but we’ve been successful in helping to get this cleaned up.

We’re a human team and all the work is done by the team; none of it is outsourced to other people. We own the problem and help to clean your profile up as quickly as possible as we know that every day your site is penalised is another day of lost revenue.

Above all we’re a friendly approachable bunch and you are welcome to call us, email or even pop in and see us (if you are in the UK of course!). We deal with clients in the UK, Europe and around the world and can help websites anywhere in the English speaking world.

•  Real work done by human beings based in the UK

•  Expert advice from seasoned professionals

•  Years of experience in building and removing links

•  Weekly progress updates

•  Free Disavow Links file at the end of the process

•  Help with Google reconsideration requests

To find out more and get immediate help call us now on 0800 285 1424