SEO Runcorn

The peculiarities of geo pages

SEO Runcorn is a search phrase that someone is likely to type into a search engine like Google when they are looking for a business who provide SEO or Search Engine Optimisation services and are based in, or operate in, the Runcorn area.

Oddly enough this phrase is not typed into search engines that often, as it is quite a specific search query and if you have found this page then the chances are that you are based in or around Runcorn and are looking for a company that can help you with SEO in the local area.

This type of approach to search queries is quite a traditional one, if such a thing can exist in a medium that has only been around for fifteen years. In some respects this will work but it doesn’t properly encompass the way people are now searching locally and how search engines deliver their results.

What happens when I search for SEO Runcorn?

Interestingly enough the way search engines deliver their results may be completely different to the way you think they do. For example do you know that the search you are doing now and the one someone does in the next street to you may bring back completely different results, even though you may both search for exactly the same thing?

So if you search for SEO Runcorn and the business next door searches for SEO Runcorn then you may well see slightly different results.

You might also find that the image on this page is on the ‘images’ search on Google for SEO Runcorn, not because it represents SEO in Runcorn but more because we’ve tagged it as such. It’s actually a Royal Tern but you can imagine it flying over Runcorn Bridge, at a push…

How can there be more than one result for SEO Runcorn?

The reason is quite simple. Search Engines these days don’t just serve you a result based on the words you type in, they use a range of other factors.

For example Google uses factors such as where you are located based on your IP address, your previous search history and whether you have visited a particular website before, how often you make the search, when you last made the search and what device you are searching on to name a few. On top of this it can pull in additional information if you are logged into your Google account as it can see whether you have sent or received any emails from any of the web addresses which are in their search result and if you have it may choose to push that particular website higher in your search result.

Does it matter which device I use to search for SEO Runcorn?

Yes it does. Google’s search results are often device specific so if you are using a PC or an iMac it will take your IP address as the location unless you’re signed into your Google account in which case it may well know exactly where you are. For example if you have an Android tablet or mobile you have to sign into your Google account to use them so it can often place you exactly based on GPS coordinates.

All of this means that what was a simple search query for SEO Runcorn has now turned into a challenge for Google and as its main driver is to provide you, the end user, with the very best search result it can use any and all information available to do this and to give you the answer.

If Google knows so much do I still need to include the name of the location?

Actually Google is now assuming that you won’t include that information. In October 2014 Google released a change to the algorithm in the UK which was dubbed the ‘Pigeon’ update. What this did was it started to use the signals we talked about earlier to include more locally based results in broad queries. So for example if you search for ‘cake shop’ right now wherever you are then there is a very good chance that you will see a local cake shop in the ten organic results that appear. Of course as Google doesn’t know whether you want to find a local cake shop, know what a cake shop is, find an album or band called ‘cake shop’ or search for a programming update called cake shop it may well include any or all of the other results.

You can further confuse the search engines by doing the search on you mobile whilst on a train. I did this recently and it returned a cake shop near my house, based on Google knowing where I live, a couple in Oxfordshire, based on my location whilst on the train, and a couple in Liverpool and Manchester based on where I had been in recent weeks.

So whilst searchers are inherently lazy (that’s you and me by the way, sorry about that) search engines will continue to try and find a way to get the result we are really looking for by using additional information to help them best guess our intent. Ironically though as they get better we get lazier and so when you’re looking for your local tyre depot, plumber or bouncy castle supplier in Runcorn you no longer have to put in the word Runcorn, although it might help.

How does this work for my business in Runcorn?

Well, if you have a business in Runcorn or are looking to get your website to rank in Runcorn then the starting point just be to talk to a firm like ours who can help you understand how your website should be configured to appear in the searches your customers are making.

And of course understanding what your customers are searching for and what their behaviours are when they get to your website are essential elements in ensuring that your business is found online. When they arrive on your website we need to make sure it engages with your customers and drives action in the form of enquiries or sales.


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You might not be looking to rank for SEO Runcorn but that fact you found this page shows exactly how this process works. And if we can do it for SEO Runcorn we can do it for Plumbers Runcorn, Bouncy Castle Runcorn, Cake Shop Runcorn and a whole lot more besides…..

And what can we say about Runcorn? It certainly gets our pulse racing as whilst it may not have the thrill of classic architecture such as that found in Liverpool or Manchester, and despite not being a place one would automatically associate with fashion, culture or finance, it’s home to Aqueous SEO and as such very dear to our hearts!

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