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The peculiarities of geo pages

Hi.  You must be looking for a company offering SEO services in Chester?

That’s us, Aqueous SEO.

Now you’re here, we’ve probably got about a minute of your time. We won’t waste that on selling Aqueous. We’d rather tell you a few interesting facts about SEO, so you can make an informed choice about what to do next, and why.

What happens when I search for ‘SEO Chester’?

Did you know if you and your neighbour search for exactly the same thing at the same time, you might get different results?

How can there be more than one result for Chester SEO?

Search engines don’t only provide results based on the words you enter. They use other factors like your previous searches and the device you’re using.

So it matters which device I use to search for SEO in Chester?

Yes it does. Google’s search results are often device specific, so if you’re using a PC or an iMac it will take your IP address as the location. But with an Android tablet or mobile, you have to sign into your Google account to use them, so it can often locate you exactly based on GPS coordinates.

If Google knows so much, do I still need to name the location in my search?

Actually Google is now assuming you won’t include that information. In October 2014 it released a change to its UK algorithm dubbed the ‘Pigeon’ update. This provided broad search queries with more locally based results. 


Now, if you really want to confuse Google, try doing a search on your mobile whilst on a train. We tested this recently, searching simply for ‘cake shop’. Google returned a cake shop near our office, a couple in Oxfordshire, based on our location whilst on the train, and a couple in Liverpool and Manchester based on where we had been in recent weeks.

Does any of this matter?

We think so. When you understand the complexities of SEO, as we do, it doesn’t make sense to then offer world domination in two weeks for just £99. It’s a bit more strategic than that.

SEO is an art and a science, and it takes knowledge, creativity and commitment to appear on the first Google page for your chosen search terms.

We’ll get you there, but it’s a journey, not a sprint, and we’d be with you every step.

Aqueous Digital.  Let’s swim in clear blue water….

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