The first website launched way back in August 1991 and since then, websites have been a huge contribution to conversions for businesses. But with consistent advancements in how we use the internet, will we really need websites by 2030? Take social media for example, many platforms allow you to create pages for your business to […]

It doesn’t take much to make the internet angry these days but even so, this latest stunt from Photobucket takes some beating. At first, some people thought it was a scam. There are plenty of posts saying that they thought Photobucket had been hacked but these swiftly turned to anger when they realised that it […]

‘Daaaad’ came the cry from the office, ‘what’s sex dot com?” . Trust me, these are not words that you either expect or want to hear from your seven year old son. A quick dash into the office established that in this particular instance all that had happened was that a search return had listed […]

Not so long ago we were chatting on a night out with some friends and the discussion veered round to the impact of technology on our lives. Everyone as you might expect had different views on the way they had been impacted but one thing that did stand out was the number of the group […]

Recently we’ve read a lot of invective online against Google, mainly by people whose sites have been hit by Panda or Penguin updates but also by a variety of people who we would otherwise describe as normal rational individuals. It seems that there is something of a groundswell of opposition to Google which is in […]

Not you? Well perhaps you should be. On May 26th 2012 the moratorium for introducing this legislation runs out and we’re all supposed to be compliant or face a fine of up to £500,000 for not complying properly with The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, itself based on a European Directive – […]

Most of us spend a large amount of time using social networking websites or browsing youtube, and have done for several years… But what exactly are we talking about? Well with the handy new app What About Me? from Intel now we can see. This is the second social media to art themed app following […]