I thought it would be an interesting exercise to write a piece about how kids use social media as it’s very much in the news at the moment. Barely a day goes by without some headline berating Facebook, Twitter or another online platform for not doing enough to protect kids. The following, therefore, was written […]

After almost 20 months in beta testing, Facebook has quietly launched its new platform that promises to “change the way you work” – Workplace by Facebook. Facebook are making bold claims that this new environment will “connect everyone in your company and turn ideas into action.” Features that colleagues can tap into include group discussion, […]

Don’t get us wrong, we at Aqueous love Twitter. We use it extensively for both our own business but more importantly for our clients as well. So there are lots of really good things we love about it but occasionally we find something that simply needs to be improved. . This week we were looking […]

It’s no secret that I’ve had a downer on Facebook since the floatation back in 2012 and in fact published this in March 2012 where I suggested that it was overhyped and overvalued. My pessimism had nothing to do with them making money but more to do with the likely direction the company would take. […]

It may seem like we have something against Facebook but that’s not the case. It is now, and is likely to remain for some time, the number one social networking site in the world and frankly reaches more people than we can ever hope to. But it’s the ‘reach’ part that is causing us concern. […]