Could AMPing up the speed of your website’s content give you the edge over your competitors? Did you know that all around the world more people are now searching for information online using their mobile devices than they are desktop computers? (According to Google) Mobile browsing has been on the increase for some time now […]

We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce today that Aqueous Digital have gained another massive milestone in our Company development by becoming a Google Partner Agency. . The Google partner programme is designed to help businesses of any size find a trusted online expert to help them with their Digital Marketing. You can […]

The reason we’ve been a bit quiet over the past couple of weeks is that there have been a number of things to attend to, not least of which is the growth plans for the business. . Over the past two years Aqueous has grown through working closely with clients to identify the areas of […]

This week is quite an important week for Aqueous SEO as after two years in the same offices we are moving to a new home. Growth of the business over recent months has meant that we can no longer continue in our cozy home and we are moving to a bigger office, but it’s only […]

Well, it’s official, if you are looking for unfiltered search results then Google is most definitely NOT the place to go. Following on from our post last week on Google’s censorship of image search results  we decided to do some more checking and it seems that the change, made in the USA last year, has […]

Largely unnoticed by most people, Google has recently become the censor of what it considers right and wrong. Unknown to most people and unnoticed by most, it has started to automatically filter the results it delivers in its image search, and by default this is also extended to its search results. . As part of […]

The headline of this article is a really famous misquote, yet thanks to the internet it still persists today. It is attributed to Charles Holland Duell who was the United States Commissioner of Patents which of course is the grain of credence which gives the myth life. If you want to know what he really […]

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Aqueous SEO has just expanded further, employing our second new Search Analyst in just 3 months. Coincidentally hailing from the same area of Runcorn as Jamie, Adam had previous struggled to find work, spending over 6 months on jobseekers allowance. Eventually Adam joined the Jobcentre’s Work Experience Scheme, after many employers failed to give him […]

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Right up to the end of the twentieth century Yellow Pages in the UK held a special place in the fabric of British life. Love it or hate it you simply couldn’t escape it and for a great many businesses it was the ultimate lead generation tool. . The simplicity and the secret of its […]

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