In July 2018, Google began updating the PPC dashboard on Google AdWords whilst transitioning to new Google Ads format. The overarching view was that the core functionality was not changing and instead the transition was more of a rebranding. Google’s approach behind renaming AdWords was sparked by encouraging businesses to exceed words and seek out […]

I spotted this yesterday but was on the way out of the office so didn’t get a chance to chronicle the change. We know that Google experiments with the way its advertising looks and feels as this is a critical part of Google as a business. Don’t forget that currently, over 90% of all its revenue […]

Back in the 1990’s, pre-internet and certainly pre-Google, there really were only a few ways that most businesses generated enquiries on a daily basis. Aside from the huge brands with the deeper pockets for TV and in some cases Radio, the millions of small businesses, SME’s in the UK and ‘Mom and Pop’s’ in the […]

From what we understand all Google PPC campaigns will be switched to ‘Enhanced campaigns’ as of mid-2013 and it’s basically a way of completely customizing your ads based on the customer to provide more relevant ads to them. It sounds like a lot of the features that are already in place, but now they will […]

Quality scores can be a complete pain. Everyone wants to get a better quality score but sometimes no matter how hard you try there is no way of getting that score up from where it sits. And the longer it sits there the harder it can seem to move it at all. . Talking recently […]

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Google has improved its free Google Analytics tool to help track click conversions more thoroughly. The new Multi-Channel Funnels feature will help businesses understand where conversions are generated. The old Analytics would only tell businesses where users had clicked prior to conversion. So, if they had followed a Facebook advert through to a Google ad […]