Over the weekend we got an email into our account offering cheap meds; nothing new there as they regularly seem to get through the net these days. The problem is it came from our own personal Hotmail account. Clearly the account had been hacked so after trying to log in and finding that we’d been […]

We’ve all received spam e-mail at some point, from bogus sales pitches to making thousands in a matter of days, getting ripped in 6 weeks or winning a fantastic prize. But nowadays more and more scams and fraudulent spam messages are coming from people we know, or at least from their e-mail address. So despite […]

Is it just us or is WordPress having a hard time? We’ve noticed a number of updates to the WordPress platform over recent weeks and in each case there appears to be a slightly larger message advising that it has fixed ‘security bugs’. . There seems to be part of a larger pattern where sites […]