With just a week to go before we finally move offices you might expect that at this point we’d be rushing round frantically packing stuff or checking and double checking that everything is on track. . The truth is that we’re far too busy with the client work to actually do any of this stuff […]

It only seems like five minutes ago that I was writing about the fact that we needed to move offices as we had run out of space. Even as I wrote “Growth of the business over recent months has meant that we can no longer continue in our cozy home and we are moving to […]

Well we’ve made it into our new offices and it’s all gone very smoothly. Many thanks to the team @theheathbuspark and to Mark from BT Openreach who made sure that downtime was kept to a minimum. Also thanks to our BT move manager Ian Fitton who was very helpful this morning. . And Jamie’s at […]

Just a quick post this morning to say please bear with us today as we are in the process of moving to shiny new offices. As you can see from this picture, Jamie is still hard at it in the midst of the confusion and we’re determined to still get a full day’s work in no matter […]

And as it’s the weekend how about a really well intentioned customer care representative trying to go above the call of duty to satisfy the customer. . Video: Welshman Complaint ASDA Enjoy  

As a bit of a change from the normal SEO stories and musings from a digital world we thought that today we’d share the view from the office. The sun is out, it’s bitterly cold but toasty and warm here in Aqueous towers. We were rather hoping for a break in the weather but no […]

As it’s Sunday, time for a lighter look at digital life, so for all of you who believe that paper is a thing of the past watch this and consider your position….

Today’s Google doodle celebrates what would have been the 61st birthday of Douglas Adams. Most famous for The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas died tragically early in 2001 aged just 49 and whilst many believe Hitchhiker to be his finest work he was still producing excellent material, not least of which the Dirk […]