Buildings links was once the staple of ranking in search engines but for the past few years, Google has been advising marketers to stop focusing on this area. However, that’s not to say that having external links to your site aren’t important in how Googles algorithms work when ranking. To understand the importance of links […]

I was struck recently by a very interesting ‘Whiteboard Friday’ by the admirable Rand Fishkin over at entitled “How to Get Content into the Hands of Influencers Who Can Help Amplify It – Whiteboard Friday” . Now I’m a big fan of Rand and the folks over at Moz who are determined to do […]

Back in the mists of time Google submitted a patent on their Search Engine algorithm and within that lies one the secrets of their success as well as one of the biggest thorns in their side. Google’s algorithm specifically looks for links to your page or site from other pages or sites on the internet […]

We’re often asked by clients about the value of getting good backlinks to their site and our advice doesn’t change. For your site to succeed you need good backlinks, but there seems to be some misunderstanding about what constitutes a good backlink. . A while ago we came across a really good article called ‘The […] Link building can be the most tedious and time-consuming task of SEO. At least, that’s how a lot of people feel about it. Ever want to know how to scale link building to avoid the pitfalls of wasted time and effort? This week, Tom Critchlow from Distilled interviews Ross Hudgens, an SEO currently working […]