According to the 2018 Global Digital Report, more than 3 billion people around the world now use social media, which is a 13% increase year-on-year. The popularity of social media has expanded beyond personal use, with businesses using the platforms as a cost-effective solution to their advertising requirements. There are a lot of articles which […]

I spotted this yesterday but was on the way out of the office so didn’t get a chance to chronicle the change. We know that Google experiments with the way its advertising looks and feels as this is a critical part of Google as a business. Don’t forget that currently, over 90% of all its revenue […]

The death of printed directories has been forecast for some time now but despite these predictions they have steadfastly refused to go away. Every year without fail a new and generally thinner product gets delivered to your doorstep. Increasingly however it gets moved straight to the recycling bin as fewer and fewer people rely on […]

Pinterest advertisers could start paying for promoted pins as early as the end of this month, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, following experiments with Promoted Pins which started last October.   Similar to Twitter, Google and Facebook, Pinterest will look to make use of native advertising, looking to display their ads […]

If you watch TV late at night, particularly the lesser known digital channels you can’t fail to have noticed the proliferation of gambling advertisements recently. They seem to have exploded onto our screens from barely a trickle a year ago to being the mainstay of the advertising revenue for most of these channels. . From […]

This week Manchester United has unveiled some new club sponsors in China, as it looks to leverage the value of its brand globally. The first sponsor is China Construction Bank which has said that it will provide a branded credit card for the club which will be available to fans in China. The second sponsor […]

Back in 1983 David Ogilvy wrote a seminal text called simply ‘Ogilvy on Advertising’ in which he detailed the experience he had gleaned in over 30 years in Advertising and summarised into one text the basic principles of great advertising that works. . The book is a classic and one that I occasionally re read […]