When Wright is most definitely Wrong

We’ve written a lot recently about how Google is starting to take over search results with their Answer Boxes and how this is pushing the natural listings further down the page.

Test this yourself by typing ‘Weather in Australia’ and you will see that the entire top of the page is Google’s suggested answer and their advertising, with the natural listings actually appearing below the fold on a laptop or tablet.

Australia Weather

It’s always fun to find when Google gets it wrong and this morning one of the team spotted this one;

Mark Wright

We were looking to see how former Apprentice winner Mark Wright was getting on in his dream of creating an SEO firm to dwarf all the rest of us and were quite amused to see that Google links him directly to TOWIE star Mark Wright.

Correct Mark Wright

Easy mistake to make; we’re just glad to see there is still room for a human element in search.

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