Happy Birthday Aqueous SEO!

One year ago today a different kind of digital Agency was born.

Aqueous SEO was conceived as a blend of specialist Marketing knowledge combined with a deep understanding of the mechanics of SEO, and so on 22nd June 2011, Aqueous SEO was born. One year on, we now have three full time members of staff, three part time copywriters and we’re growing every single month, with new customers being introduced through referral and recommendation, proof if ever it were needed that we must be doing something right! It seems that our straightforward approach based on communication and results is something that businesses like.

A lot has changed in the last year, not least of which is the way in which we must go about our work due to several major updates from Google. Penguins, Pandas, it doesn’t really matter to us as the work we are doing is ahead of this anyway. Google is trying to close the loopholes in its algorithm that allow poor quality sites to rank, whereas we’re spending all our time making sites good quality and a pleasure to visit. We’re building what Google are aiming towards so this is one case where the future really will catch up with us!

But through all of this work we still stick by our partnership approach, working directly with you so, when you make money, so do we, and that’s how we all like it!

In celebration of our first birthday, we’re offering everybody a chance to learn a little bit more about the team here at Aqueous SEO, with our new meet the team page. We’ve included our digital doppelgangers and all sorts of information from a short bio, our favourite food, our favourite quotes and much more.

To celebrate we’d love you to share out little story so hit the share button or retweet if you can and who knows, maybe someone who you share it with will be part of the next chapter in our history and can join us for our second birthday celebrations.

As always we are available on 0800 285 1424 for a quote for digital marketing and SEO services.

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