Aqueous SEO grows again!

Aqueous SEO has just expanded further, employing our second new Search Analyst in just 3 months. Coincidentally hailing from the same area of Runcorn as Jamie, Adam had previous struggled to find work, spending over 6 months on jobseekers allowance. Eventually Adam joined the Jobcentre’s Work Experience Scheme, after many employers failed to give him a chance based on his experience, we took him on board without even looking at his CV and with no prejudgements for a trial. Coming from an industrial background meant that Adam had struggled to find work in this sort of sector, and we were definitely shocked by his hidden talents.

Although Adam was highly computer literate and had previously worked on several java related projects, he had only scratched the surface of things web related prior to his experience here. However this did not limit his abilities, as already he has built a decent understanding of several platforms including Magento and particularly WordPress. Originally we were just looking for somebody to write blog posts (which is where Adam initially impressed us with his literary skills), but his IT abilities proved to be just as good as his writing skills, allowing us to expand his responsibilities.

After 8 weeks on the Jobcentre Work Experience Scheme, we are happy to finally take Adam on board as part of the team, and we hope to see his knowledge and abilities continue to grow!

Aqueous SEO welcomes Adam to our team.

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