Aqueous are moving (but not very far….!)

This week is quite an important week for Aqueous SEO as after two years in the same offices we are moving to a new home. Growth of the business over recent months has meant that we can no longer continue in our cozy home and we are moving to a bigger office, but it’s only about 30 feet away! We’re staying on The Heath Business and Technical Park but are moving downstairs as this will allow us to expand the operation and increase the service levels we can offer to clients.


SEO has changed and we’ve recently become more and more engaged in trying to repair damage done by Google to sites as well as helping clients to a path which is long term, sustainable and hopefully penalty free (though you never can tell with Google). Right now the forums are full of suggestions that Guest Blogging and promoting your business on Social Media are the way to go but our view is that this is where next year’s penalties are likely to come. Our approach is back to basics, proper professional Marketing and nothing else will do we’re afraid.


So please bear with us this week as not only are we moving on Friday (BT permitting) but we’re also a man down as Adam has decided to go and live in a field with some friends for a few days. Honestly, who knew that he would actually want to take the holidays to which he’s entitled? We will be trying to keep up business as usual and next week we’ll pop up some photos of the new hub of operations.

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