Manchester United unveil new Chinese sponsors

This week Manchester United has unveiled some new club sponsors in China, as it looks to leverage the value of its brand globally. The first sponsor is China Construction Bank which has said that it will provide a branded credit card for the club which will be available to fans in China.

The second sponsor will no doubt be a source of merriment to fans of other football clubs in the UK as it is the Chinese soft drinks company Wahaha. The brand is part of the biggest soft drinks company in China, The Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd which employs around 60,000 staff, which is as many as are employed by Thomson Reuters Corporation worldwide.

Whilst the club are deadly serious about their worldwide sponsors and partners as they aim to become financially viable and ‘live within their means’ as determined by new UEFA rules, we feel sure that there are a number of other fans out there, including the ‘noisy neighbours’, who will enjoy this a bit more than they should.