Customer Photos Making An Appearance in Google Shopping

Sometimes when you’re browsing for a product online, you look at the image and go through a series of questions in your head. How big is it? What is the quality like? Does it really look like that? You’ve probably seen the stories before of people buying a beautiful china tea set online, only for […]

The importance of internal link building in SEO

If you already understand SEO, then you’ll understand the importance of content and link building for increasing the visibility of a website in the search results. However, often when link building is discussed, it is the process of acquiring links from high-quality websites that gives your website more authority. The process of link building can […]

How beneficial is added text on e-commerce websites?

When it comes to SEO, the importance of good quality content has been stressed countless times. Good quality content helps to bring more users to your site and increases your visibility in SERPs. So why would you not implement a good content strategy as part of your overall digital marketing strategy? If you have an […]

Google launches Pinterest inspired shopping ads on Google Images

Last week, Google announced they were introducing a new feature to Google Images that will present advertisers with more opportunities to engage with users. The new feature allows advertisers to use sponsored images, that the user will be able to interact with, to receive details of the buyable products within the image. If you’re familiar […]

How do you find the right keywords to target?

If you want to understand what people are searching for and how this relates to your business, you need to understand keywords. Keywords are words and phrases that describe the topics you write about whilst also identifying what people are searching for. It’s incredibly important to undertake keyword research to be able to bridge the […]

How important are Featured Snippets in SEO?

Even if you know nothing about SEO, it’s highly likely you’ll have come across featured snippets before whilst searching on Google. Featured snippets are excerpts from websites selected by Google that best answer a search query. For example, as seen by the screenshot below, I entered a simple search query asking “can I travel to […]

5 SEO predictions we expect to see in 2019

At Aqueous Digital, search never sleeps, and neither does Google.  Google is consistently reviewing its methods of ranking and how users employ SEO techniques. The result is to provide the best user experience by ensuring the correct information is displayed when searches are made. 2018 saw multiple algorithm changes that impacted SEO such as: Brackets […]

Why good quality content is important for SEO

Firstly, happy new year! After returning back to business now the festive fun is over, many organisations will be assessing their current strategies and what they can improve to make more of an impact in the new year. One important strategy that has known to be effective for enhancing your SEO is high-quality content. Therefore, […]

Merry Christmas from Aqueous Digital

Over the Christmas and New Year period, Aqueous Digital will be operating on skeleton staff.  This means, general support will be available but to a very limited degree.  Please find below our operating hours:- When closed, email only to:agency@aqueous-digital.co.uk Monday 24th December – ClosedTuesday 25th December – ClosedWednesday 26th December – ClosedThursday 27th December – […]

Can social media marketing hurt your website?

According to the 2018 Global Digital Report, more than 3 billion people around the world now use social media, which is a 13% increase year-on-year. The popularity of social media has expanded beyond personal use, with businesses using the platforms as a cost-effective solution to their advertising requirements. There are a lot of articles which […]

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