Will we need websites by 2030?

The first website launched way back in August 1991 and since then, websites have been a huge contribution to conversions for businesses. But with consistent advancements in how we use the internet, will we really need websites by 2030? Take social media for example, many platforms allow you to create pages for your business to […]

4 Tips for Using the New Google Ads PPC Dashboard

In July 2018, Google began updating the PPC dashboard on Google AdWords whilst transitioning to new Google Ads format. The overarching view was that the core functionality was not changing and instead the transition was more of a rebranding. Google’s approach behind renaming AdWords was sparked by encouraging businesses to exceed words and seek out […]

Google is attacking Link Building again and PBN’s are in the firing line

It’s been a while. The last Google Penguin update was officially in October 2016 and since Google folded the Penguin updates into their main algorithm in 2017 we’ve heard virtually nothing about it. Google’s view is very much that this is now ‘business as usual’ and we shouldn’t make a fuss about it. Wrong. The […]

A simple guide to the Google Mobile Index

In 2016 Google implemented its mobile first index, a development that strived to make the web more mobile friendly and keep up to date with online user behavioural trends. This release has been a worry to many business owners who often struggle to understand the importance of SEO on their existing desktop sites. To help […]

Do you know how your kids use social media?

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to write a piece about how kids use social media as it’s very much in the news at the moment. Barely a day goes by without some headline berating Facebook, Twitter or another online platform for not doing enough to protect kids. The following, therefore, was written […]

Instagram for Business: Why It Should be Part of your Social Strategy

Instagram’s visual nature and huge base of highly engaged users makes it the social media platform that your business won’t want to miss out on. Facebook-owned, photo-sharing app Instagram is the third most popular social media platform after Facebook and YouTube.  According to Social Media Today, Instagram has over 600 million monthly active users and […]

The True Value of Investing in a Digital Marketing Company

Getting more clicks through to your website, gaining followers on social media and moving up Google’s ranks are all valuable and measurable digital marketing objectives, but the true value of digital marketing isn’t quite as easy to measure. Theses are the kinds of goals that businesses come to us seeking help with, and whilst each […]

Can Your Website Rank Without Links?

Buildings links was once the staple of ranking in search engines but for the past few years, Google has been advising marketers to stop focusing on this area. However, that’s not to say that having external links to your site aren’t important in how Googles algorithms work when ranking. To understand the importance of links […]

Google My Business: What is it and why you should be using it

Google My Business is arguably the most essential piece of business marketing for local businesses in this digital age… and it’s FREE so what are you waiting for? Neglect Google My Business at your business’ peril! If your local business isn’t yet set up on Google My Business then you’re likely to miss out on […]

Is Bing the search engine for the future?

With Bing usage reportedly gaining traction, we take a look at how popular Microsoft’s search engine really is, how they’re winning more users and what they’ve got in store for the future. Although Microsoft’s Bing only holds 9% of the worldwide search market share, it appears to be quickly gaining traction in the US and […]

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