Merry Christmas from Aqueous Digital

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all the team at Aqueous Digital. We are now closed until 2nd of January, enjoy the break!

Photobucket: A lesson in how not to treat your customers

Back in July the internet world woke up to find that the images that should be showing on bulletin boards, blogs, forums and shopping sites such as eBay and Amazon, had disappeared. What they found instead was the Photobucket ‘P500’ error image. Photobucket had, overnight, pivoted their business model to disallow users from sharing images […]

Will Google ever be toppled from the top of the tree?

With the act of searching online now more often than not, being referred to as ‘googling’, it’s difficult to imagine a time when this search engine giant wasn’t ruling the internet.  Google really cemented their reign over online search in recent years when their name became a commonly used verb for searching for something online, […]

5 SEO must read books for 2018

One of the most vital aspects of promoting your business is to ensure you have a good SEO strategy. The problem is that Google is constantly evolving its algorithm to cut down on spam and ensure only the best quality content reaches the top of the SERPs. So to stay ahead of the many changes […]

Photobucket have made a lot of people very angry….

It doesn’t take much to make the internet angry these days but even so, this latest stunt from Photobucket takes some beating. At first, some people thought it was a scam. There are plenty of posts saying that they thought Photobucket had been hacked but these swiftly turned to anger when they realised that it […]

Aqueous celebrate our 6th birthday!

What a year. It’s been an amazing journey over the last twelve months and there is so much in the pipeline it’s hard to know where to begin! This time last year we published this blog post in which we outlined our plan to grow the business to £1,000,000 turnover by the end of 2019. […]

Spike in 404’s in Search Console. Should I be worried?

404 Errors usually occur when the webpage you were trying to access cannot be found on the server. This is caused by either the page being removed or moved somewhere else and the URL you are using has not be changed. It could also be caused by you incorrectly typing in the URL or clicking […]

AMPing up your website’s mobile speed in 2017

Could AMPing up the speed of your website’s content give you the edge over your competitors? Did you know that all around the world more people are now searching for information online using their mobile devices than they are desktop computers? (According to Google) Mobile browsing has been on the increase for some time now […]

And finally, it’s goodnight from DMOZ

DMOZ used to be the holy grail in SEO. Getting a link from DMOZ meant your website would rank higher and it was a mark of a job well done if you could get indexed. But now, it’s gone The Open Directory Project used human editors to organise websites and harks back to a time […]

How to Optimise Local Business Listings for ‘Near Me’ Searches

Is your local business website optimised for ‘near me’ searches? If not you could be missing out on a whole lot of relevant traffic. With the ever-increasing surge in mobile searching and browsing, more and more people are now turning to Google to help them make impulsive decisions on places to go, services nearby and […]

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