Did a blog a day make a difference?

Two weeks ago we posed the questions, ‘Does a blog a day make a difference’? and to find out we resolved to blog every day for two weeks and see what difference it really made. The hope was that we would be able to identify some gains in new visitors to the site and perhaps to gain new followers on the social platforms.


Two weeks on and the results are in, and they show that it does make a difference. Not a massive difference but a difference nonetheless.


Ironically, despite the articles going out on Social Media channels the number of visitors from these channels actually dropped over the period although we did add on a number of new followers. The main headline metric shows that there was a broadly similar pattern of visitors over the period but there was a bit of a spike on 8th February although further investigation showed this to be due to previous SEO work.



So the headline numbers were up and that was good news…


..but the numbers from social media were down and twitter disappeared completely!


So does it show that it was a complete waste of time? Not really, there were some valuable lessons that came out of this.


Firstly it showed that if you can be bothered to follow the discipline every day then you can create valuable content that people will want to read. Secondly it also showed that a number of visitors to the site actually arrived via the articles but a day or two later, and finally it showed that if you write about the correct content you can rank highly.